German police revoke licence and sent back hazardous waste shipment

Hermsdorfer Kreuz, Germany – In a recent incident, German police officers stopped a Polish truck carrying dangerous goods on Germany’s A9 motorway. The ADR transport, which had come from Italy and was heading to Sweden, was subjected to a thorough ADR check at Hermsdorfer Kreuz on the spot.

During the inspection of the load, it soon became clear that concerned packages did not comply with the respective legally required ADR markings / signalisation. Moreover, several packages were found damaged, which compromised the safe transport of e.g. asbestos-containing insulation material, among others.

After further inspection, the officers also discovered other waste not included in the original notification and also not on the related ADR transport document. In addition, the 45-year-old Nepalese driver could not comply with the required permit as per Section 54 of the Circular Economy Act.

As a result of the numerous violations, the competent authority decided to revoke the licence for relevant waste transport. This meant that the entire ADR transport, in cooperation with employees of the Thuringia State Office for the Environment, Mining and Nature Conservation, had to be unloaded at the asbestos landfill in Caaschwitz. Additionally, large quantities of metal parts and used work overalls that had not been officially declared were found during unloading.

The truck was forced to return to Italy. Moreover, the highway police filed a report under the Waste Shipment Act.

This incident again highlights the importance of proper training and compliance with regulations on ADR road transport of dangerous goods. Proper labelling, marking, packing, transporting and handling of such loads is essential to ensure the safety of both the transport & logistics personnel involved and the environment. The need for training and awareness in the ADR & waste transport sector is evident, and at VVV-DGT we remain committed to providing professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to avoid such dangerous situations. Safety always comes first, and we invite everyone to thereby maintain the highest standards in this industry.

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