External or internal security advisor?

Security advisor

Companies that transport hazardous substances by road (ADR), by rail (RID), and by inland waterways (ADN), as well as companies that carry out activities such as loading, unloading, filling, or packaging related to this transport, including the transfer of goods from one mode of transport to another, are legally required to appoint a Safety Adviser, unless some exceptions apply.

External Security Advisor

One can choose an external, independent advisor. Our services are available if you need them. A team of experts is available to take on the tasks of safety advisor for your business. Our specialty is not only for Road Transport (ADR), Rail Transport (RID), and Inland Waterways Transport (ADN), but also for Maritime Transport (IMO/IMDG,…) and Aviation (ICAO-IATA).

The benefits

Discover the benefits of an external security consultant.

Internal Security Advisor

The role of safety advisor can be carried out by the company manager or by a person who performs other tasks within the company. If you choose to appoint an internal Safety Advisor, you can rely on our services to assist your advisor. An advisor from VVV-DGT can perform audits (checks, workplace inspections, interviews with employees) and convert the findings into action points.

The benefits

Discover the benefits of having an internal safety advisor.

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