Dangerous goods without worries.

“We offer advice and training related to safe transport, shipment and handling of dangerous goods (loading, unloading, filling, packaging).”

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About us

Advice and Training Center.

Advice and training on the safe transportation, storage, and handling of hazardous materials in industrial, chemical, and logistics sectors.

Our expert team with in-depth knowledge and practical experience ensures you receive high-quality advice. We stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and guarantee independence in all our recommendations.

We offer both standard training courses as well as business-oriented training courses. With our practical approach, you immediately dive into the world of practical applications and hands-on experience.

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Our specializations

Find below an overview of all our training programs.

ADR road transport

This training is for drivers who need to transport dangerous goods.

IATA air transport

Training on the transportation of dangerous goods by air.

ADN inland shipping

We organize hazardous materials transportation by inland waterways ADN training sessions.

Security Advisor

Upgrade your career as a security advisor with our various training courses.

RID rail transport

Transporting dangerous goods by rail can involve risks. Check out the training courses.

Continuing education Code 95

Do you have a C or CE driver's license? Follow training every 5 years to maintain your code 95.

IMDG marine transport

Training programs on maritime transport of hazardous materials. Check out the available trainings here.


More than theory and practice, you will learn everything to become a full-fledged driver.

Customized company training programs.

We offer various business training programs related to the transportation, shipping, and handling of hazardous materials. Various transportation regulations require that all individuals in your company involved in these activities receive training that is tailored to their specific tasks and responsibilities.


How we help our customers.

Logistics that connect you to endless possibilities.

Consulting and education on ADR

"The fact that they offer the entire range is of great value to us."

We go beyond standard training. With a thorough audit, we understand your needs. Our expert advice on ADR and other aspects forms the basis for tailor-made courses that have a real impact.

External safety advisor

"An external safety advisor is the ultimate for me."

With the expertise of our external safety advisors, we ensure that you fully comply with all legal regulations and guidelines, while minimizing risks.

Advice and training ADR

"It is presented in a very pleasant and approachable manner."

We make complex topics understandable for everyone. Our training and advice are accessible and interactive, so you can learn with confidence. From ADR to regulations, we ensure that everyone understands it!

Why us?

VVV-DGT as your expert


Our team of experienced professionals is passionate and dedicated to providing expert advice that takes your goals to new heights.

Broad vision, knowledge, and practical experience.

At VVV and DGT, our team is an extraordinary combination of experienced individuals with a broad vision, profound knowledge, and valuable practical experience.

Latest new regulations

We understand that successfully navigating through constantly changing regulations is essential. That's why we are committed to providing you with the most current and relevant information.

Independent advice

Independence is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in providing honest and unbiased recommendations that prioritize your interests.

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